FileCircles is the only solution that beyond sending or receiving files measures file traffic and help you to manage your corporate policy for file transfers.

We offer you all the file transfer capabilities your organization needs, but probably the most important is what we add to this offer: knowledge about what's happening with those files (who is sending them, who is opening them, when...).
FileCircles is a start up based in Barcelona founded by diferent tech companies that have been working in the digital arena for more than 20 years.

The idea of creating FileCircles came up when we saw that the file transfer services currently available focus only on the file transfer volume capabilities instead of giving priority to understanding what is happening with it withthe files.


Our solution offers a unique file transfer management and monitoring system for organizations.

  • Up to 35GB file transfer capacity
  • File transfers password-protected if desired
  • Administrator accounts able to easily add and delete users.
  • Cheap and scalable upon organization needs
  • Company logo customatization available
  • Integration of existing organization hosting available
Our key success factor and what makes us different file transfer
  • Amount of data (quantity and size of files received and sent)
  • Type of data (file extensions received and sent, xls, pdf, etc)
  • User behavior (who receives/sends files and how often)
  • File tracking (who downloads files from where and when)
Create your own secure and monitored organization file transfer environment.
Who, from your organization, is sending files
Who, from your organization, is receiving files
How often files are sent and downloaded
Which files are sent

How it works

FileCircles is company focused and is very easy to use.

Very easy!
Create an account
Register your company through the 'Create an account' tab you will find in the homepage menu
Register the company
Fill the registration data and, later, add the members of your corporation that shall be using this service
Customize FileCircles
During the registration process you will be able to choose personalization features such as corporate logo
Start using it

You need it

Your company needs FileCircles.
Do you know why?

Today most organizations do not have an SOP (Standard Operations Procedure) for file transfers. This means in most companies employees share files beyond the company borders (some of them with confidential or private data) using nothing but free and open file transfer tools.

These tools probably work just fine, but free open tools do not provide control nor knowledge to the organization about what is happening beyond the screen:
What type of files are shared (.pdf, .xls, doc, mov...)?
How often?
Which department or user is most active in transferring files?
Which department or user is most active in receiving files?
Which is the total number of files shared? Which is its size?
Where, when and by whom are files being downloaded?


FileCircles is a monthly fee based service
Cost table depending on number of corporate users.

Users Pricing
Monthly cost
per user (€)
1-5 8€
6-50 6€
51-100 4€
+100 ask for an offer


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